Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Why Liberty's Important

H.B. Phillips, quoted in The Constitution of Liberty by F.A. Hayek, offers an explanation as to why liberty is so important.

Throughout history orators and poets have extolled liberty, but no one has told us why liberty is so important. Our attitude towards such matters should depend on whether we consider civilization as fixed or advancing. . . . In an advancing society, any restriction on liberty reduces the number of things tried and so reduces the rate of progress. In such a society freedom of action is granted to the individual, not because it gives him greater satisfaction but because if allowed to go his own way he will on the average serve the rest of us better than under any orders we know how to give.

Individual liberty is important for the well-being of everyone else. So simple, yet so true.


Anonymous said...

cool that is true aand i hope everyone else is agreeing with me

testing said...

thats true wow !