Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Amir Taheri:
"President Bush can learn from the Kennedy, Carter and Clinton models by not repeating their mistakes. What the U.S. needs is an open, honest and exhaustive debate on what to do with a regime that claims a mission to drive the U.S. out of the Middle East, wipe Israel off the map, create an Islamic superpower, and conquer the world for 'The Only True Faith.' The options are clear: retreat and let the Islamic Republic advance its goals; resist and risk confrontation, including military conflict; or engage the Islamic Republic in a mini-version of Cold War until, worn out, it self-destructs.

With the options clear, Messrs. Carter, Brzezinski and Clinton along with other 'engagers' would have to tell us which they favor and, if they like none, what alternative they offer. Calling for talks is just cheap talk. It is important to say what the proposed talks should be about. In the meantime, talk of 'constructive engagement' is sure to encourage President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's intransigence. Why should he slow down, let alone stop, when there are no bumps on the road?"
Taheri's commentary is important, and I think he is probably right. At this moment, our political leaders should be engaged in an honest, open, and frank discussion of what our policy should be with respect to a country that espouses the goals Iran espouses. As well, the attention of We The People should also be turned to these issues. I think we should be very concerned about any policy response, or non-response, that allows the Islamic Republic to advance toward it's goals.

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