Sunday, April 01, 2007

Equality Amendment

Some members of Congress seem to be interested in adding a Women's Equality Amendment to the Constitution, and it sounds like this new amendment would be a replay of the language in the Equal Rights Amendment which was never ratified. George Will's assessment includes this:
The full inclusion of women in America's regime of rights was accomplished in the 20th century without an ERA, a constitutional redundancy that would have added nothing to the guarantees of equal protection of the laws and due process for all "persons." And what mature person thinks the Constitution should be cluttered with consciousness-raising pieties or affirmations, on the theory that, by some mysterious causality, the social climate will be improved?
It seems to me Will is correct here to suggest that the 14th Amendment and the Court's interpretation of the 14th Amendment makes it clear that women are to be treated the same as all other persons vis a vis the government. A Women's Equality Amendment would seem to be redundant.

Does anyone want to suggest specific reasons why this proposed amendment would not be redundant?

Or, does this proposed amendment suggest that the new Congress is spending way too much time on matters of little import?

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