Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Politics of Global Warming Science

There is an interesting post about global warming and public policy, and it might be especially interesting if you aren't in a position to assess the actual science that is relevant to the issue. The post itself doesn't seem as interesting as the debate which emerges in the comments to the post. I suggest you take a look and see if you agree with the comment by John Greifendorff in which we find:
"It seems that american science has become a tool of political expediency. That is much more serious than global warming. President Bush's opinions matter, but they have no effect on the evidence.

I would hate to make a call that would affect my entire nation on the basis of this level of discussion. So would the President I expect."
I suspect the debate that emerges in the comments illustrates that when science becomes part of political debate, it is politics that overwhelms science and it becomes difficult to separate what is science from what is politics. I suppose by itself, such a conclusion need not be troubling. But couple this with an old adage that in politics rhetoric is reality, and there is much to be concerned with when science becomes part of politics.

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