Monday, February 16, 2009

1st Amendment Economic Liberties

"It’s an easy question. Does this administration believe in free speech or government censorship? Their sudden inability to provide a clear answer, when they had no problem giving such assurances eight months ago, does not bode well for the answer.

I’d like to say I told you so to all of those who accused us of paranoia, but the window on that ability to do so on the airwaves looks like it’s about to expire — like all of Obama’s campaign promises."
Check it out. An expiration date on the President's campaign promises, eh? Rational ignorance comes up again.

The policies falling under the idea of the "fairness doctrine" pose threats not just to speech and press liberties. The idea is going to be for government to force the owners of radio stations to make business choices with respect to their programming that they would otherwise not choose to make. So, economic liberties are going to be threatened as well.

Such threats to economic liberty seem to be part of this President's vision for the future of America, because we also have seen since his inauguration that he intends to cap pay for business executives and he is going to have a AUTO INDUSTRY COUNCIL that will restructure this US industry.

Hey, remember the song lyric "the future's so bright I gotta wear shades"? It's beginning to look like we can throw those shades away.

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