Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Tires & Freedom

"As Mr. Obama faces his moment of truth on tires, he ought to look at a report issued last week by Rutgers economist Thomas J. Prusa examining how the ITC’s proposed tariffs would ripple through the U.S. economy. Mr. Prusa calculates that each job “saved” by the ITC’s tariffs would come at the cost of at least 12 jobs lost, and possibly more than 25. Most tire-related employment in America consists of the people who distribute and install tires, not people who produce them. By depressing tire sales, a tariff would jeopardize those jobs."
Tariffs on tires, tax the wealthy, now TAX THE REST, cap & trade, socialized medical insurance, government czars for salaries, and government panels to design our cars and decide how to treat our illnesses, etc., etc., etc. Economic liberty slips away. The INDEX OF ECONOMIC FREEDOM is already down a bit. How far will it slide down before the next presidential election?

Liberty = Prosperity. So, the gap between potential prosperity and actual prosperity will grow ever larger now. How much lost liberty will be tolerated by those who vote for our fearless political leaders?


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