Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Daily Show, Economics Edition

Check out economist Ed Glaeser on THE DAILY SHOW. I might have to use Glaeser's new book in my Econ 425 Urban Economics course next semester.

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Craig said...

Having studied urban economics :) I understood where Glaeser is coming from. In fact, it seems like I have read him before, but I admit that was a long time ago. :)
Having spent a year in Grand Junction I understand the need to be in or very near to a city. Grand Junction is so isolated from everyone that it nearly drove me crazy. I can say that the residents of GJ are very content with where they are and most have no desire to travel the 230+ miles to get to Salt Lake City or Denver. I thought I would be happy in a small town, but I realized that being as isolated as I was with no city remotely close was not at all what I wanted.
However, after watching this clip, I hope that Glaeser does not conclude in his book that cities are the answer as do some urban economists conclude. I think that the way suburbs are happening are by personal choice and they should happen by themselves.