Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Michael Yon's essay offers context for Haditha. Here are a couple of excepts I hope will capture your attention so you will read his entire piece:
The enemy rammed a car bomb into a Deuce Four Stryker in Mosul while kids were all around. They could have just as easily attacked our men a few blocks away from the kids. Instead, they cruelly wounded 15 children and killed two of them. I saw American soldiers furiously trying to save one little girl named Farah. One American officer, Major Mark Bieger, actually took Farah and her family in his Stryker and raced them all to the hospital. We needed that firepower at the scene in case of follow-on attack — we were in fact attacked there the next day — yet Major Bieger and his section, with permission from LTC Erik Kurilla who was on the scene, raced through the streets of Mosul to the hospital. Unfortunately, Farah died, and on that day some of our soldiers cried.

[ . . . ]

Ben was the first up the stairs, and he took four bullets. Only then did his buddies throw flash-bangs and eventually shot down the terrorist who killed Ben. All the Iraqi kids were fine. But Ben Morton died. Soldiers cried that night.

[ . . . ]

I visited their grave. We lost two fine Americans, and their parents lost their children, because our people are taught to control their fire.

[ . . . ]

Until the facts are released by the investigating authorities, we might benefit from a new sign:
Speculating is Strictly Forbidden —
Violators Will be Fined

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