Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Iraq & the Media

Gay Patriot:
They’re killing their own people to make it appear that we are losing. And the Western media is helping them make their case. In the very AP article on the murder of the U.S. soldiers, the reporter writes that “Violence was unabated Tuesday, with at least 18 people killed in attacks nationwide, including a suicide bombing of a home for the elderly in the southern city of Basra.

[ . . . . ]

To the terrorists’ fighting our troops and the Iraq people, indiscriminate murder is merely a means of manipulating the media.

[ . . . . ]

Al Qaeda’s remaining leaders in Iraq know that by murdering innocent civilians and relying on a compliant Western press, they will make it appear that despite numerous successes, U.S. and Iraqi forces are unable to control the situation in Iraq. Thus, Al Qaeda attacks the targets they can most easily attack, not the ones with any strategic value in a traditional military sense. That’s because their strategy is getting headlines and winning this one not on the battlefield, but in the U.S. media. And to that end, it doesn’t matter how many Iraqis they murder.

The barbarity of the murder of Pfcs. Kristian Menchaca and Thomas Lowell Tucker shows the evil nature of the opponents we face. These terrorists show no respect for conventions of warfare or for human life. And no respect for the dead, booby-trapping bodies in order to use them to kill even more people. It’s just too bad that some bloggers are using the murders of these servicemen as just another excuse to attack the Administration.

Once again, we see the evil of our enemies in Iraq for what it is. As our hearts go out to the families of these two brave young men, let’s not mince words and call their murderers what they are. And do what we can do defeat them.

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