Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The Social Security Trust Fund is Irrelevant

Let's make it more concrete with a personal situation that many people can relate to. Say you're planning to send your kid to college. You have ten years and think you need $100,000. In Scenario A, each year you put an IOU for $10,000 in a jar. At the end of ten years, you pour out the jar, swear a bit more than is proper, and then scramble to come up with $100,000, either through borrowing, selling assets, earning more, or spending less. In Scenario B, you skip the jar and IOU charade and advance to the final step: you swear and scramble. The IOU charade was irrelevant.
This is precisely what people need to know about the Social Security trust fund. It is a charade, and it is irrelevant to the debate about reforming social security. Read the rest here.

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