Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Sowell on Illegal Immigration

Thomas Sowell has a good commentary on illegal immigration.
There is a reason why illegal immigration is the third rail of politics. Not only is there a fear of losing the Hispanic vote, there is a fear of being demonized in the media and therefore losing other votes as well.
It does seem that he is correct, both political parties in Washington seem to be running from illegal immigration as fast as they can.
When you say that Americans have a 'right' to have their 'basic needs' met, you are saying that when people refuse to supply themselves with food and shelter, other Americans should be forced to supply it for them.

If you subsidize workers when they won't work and subsidize employers by making illegal aliens available to them, then under those particular conditions it may well be true that illegal immigrants are taking jobs that Americans won't do. But such statements conceal more than they reveal.

Professor Sowell is always good at cutting through the fog of politics.

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