Friday, February 10, 2006

Rhode Island Democrat Flat Tax

WSJ commentary today (subscription required) makes note of a proposal by Democrats in Rhode Island to go to a flat income tax. Here is an except that describes how the proposal is being pitched:
"And listen to how House Speaker William Murphy pitched the idea at a news conference: 'The ultimate goal is to put more money directly into people's pockets both by giving relief to those who need it and by making Rhode Island a more attractive place for business that will provide high-paying jobs for more Rhode Islanders.' What's going on here? Have the state's liberals all taken Art Laffer happy pills?"
I like the idea of a flat tax, and I'm happy to hear of the proposal. I've got one gripe though. When I hear a politician say the goal is to "put more money directly into people's pockets" I just can't help pointing out he seems to think the money is government's to begin with. I suggest a more accurate statement of the goal would be: "We simply want to leave more money in people's pockets."

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