Sunday, February 12, 2006

Social Security -- It's Back

The Washington Times reports that even though President Bush did not mention social security in his state of the union message to Congress, his proposed changes are included in his budget request. Here is an interesting exerpt from the story:
"Mr. Schumer also took to the airwaves, saying Mr. Bush tried to sneak his proposal -- which also would slow the growth rate of Social Security benefits for wealthier Americans -- 'through the back door.' He said the president's plan wasn't popular with the young or the old, but that Mr. Bush wants to 'whisper' to his supporters that he's still pushing for it. "

I'm wondering who the young people are that Senator Schumer thinks don't like the President's proposal for social security? I seldom run across a student in my classes who thinks we should continue the present approach to social security.

Let's also not forget. If we continue with the present approach to social security, many of the young who will get stuck paying big time in the future, are like my son and not even able to vote against the politicians refusing to fix things.

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