Thursday, October 02, 2008

Afghanistan: Power & Prosperity

"These compounds offer a strong contrast to large American houses with front lawns ringed by picket fences. The people who live in these compounds might seem very different from us, but they want basically the same things: to earn a living and raise their families. But yet again, the Afghan people are caught in the crucible of history, and their homes are battlefields. War is part of the character of many of these people. They are not all innocent victims. The ones I am meeting are very friendly, but fighting is life to them. Afghanistan is a primitive patch of Earth. By comparison, Iraq is very developed and modern. Still, it’s easy to see why so many westerners like Afghan people. They can make you feel welcome, so long as you aren’t shooting at them."
Earn a living and raise a family.

You really should check out all the photos of the compounds.

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