Monday, October 06, 2008

Congress Just Can't So No

"The House voted mostly along party lines late last month to pass something called the Credit Cardholders' Bill of Rights. Given the current financial turmoil, the last thing Congress should do is undercut access to credit and increase its price. This bill would do both."
I guess with Congress the right hand never knows what the left hand is doing. Or, maybe members of Congress have poor memories, and even less foresight and wisdom. Or maybe Congress is like the proverbial liar. After a while, the liar can't remember which lie he told when and where. Maybe members of Congress have intervened so often in our economic lives, and in so many different ways, that they just can't keep their interventions straight in their minds any more.

Oh, please, can't we all just vote for politicians who want to give us liberty rather than more interventions? I'm pretty sure I know the answer, eh?

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