Monday, November 03, 2008

Social Justice Virus

"Now, I'm not suggesting Obama intends to transform this nation into 1950s-era Soviet tyranny or that he will possess the power to do so. I'm suggesting Obama is praising and mainstreaming an economic philosophy that has failed to produce a scintilla of fairness or prosperity anywhere on Earth. Ever."
Yes, I agree. Since so many voters seem to be climbing on board Obama's bandwagon, I'm beginning to think social justice should be described as a virus.


Tim Canon said...

Yes, like epidemics it comes in waves.

Unlike an epidemic, it doesn't just decimate a portion of the population and leave: Once it takes hold as an idea, it doesn't go away. It's a perpetual infection.

Larry Eubanks said...

So, do you have any ideas about fighting this virus? Maybe immunization? How about quarantine?