Friday, January 27, 2006

Congestion & Colorado

Gary Lindstrom member of the Colorado House and candidate for governor:
"'The worst thing we can do is widen the highway,' he said. 'We need to keep the congestion so people will be interested in the transit.'"
This seems like a pretty interesting policy position to take. Would it be fair to say this position amounts to the following: "I know people don't like to drive in congestion. But, I don't think our public policy should be to expand capacity and reduce congestion. Instead I think we should wait while congestion tightens travel on this highway even more, and then maybe we can get enough support to build transit, something the people really don't want to use."

Of course, the congestion problem is not easily solved by expanding the highway's capacity either. After all, if there is no single-use price for using the highway, the quantity of use demanded for the highway is going to be very large.

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