Friday, January 13, 2006


Tom Bevan:
". . . it seems fair to ask: how many Democrats sitting on the Judiciary Committee could be confirmed using their own standards? How many of them could withstand the same sort of exhaustive examination and distortion of their own careers and records that's now being given to Sam Alito's?

The answer, just off the top of my head and without resorting to extensive research or digging through trash, is not very many."
The politician by politician analysis goes like this. There are obvious reasons Senator Kennedy couldn't. Senator Biden has plagiarism that would plague him. Senator Feinstein has issues with campaign expenditures. Senator Schumer could have campaign finance issues, not to mention the people within his employ that may have illegally obtained a credit report. Senator Durbin said Roe v. Wade was wrong, before he said Roe v. Wade was right. Senator Leahey has issues as "leaky Leahy," having leaked classified information to the press. Bevan couldn't think of issues for the other 2 democrat Senators on the Committee. Should we guess that the republican Senators on the Committee would generate a similar list of issues?

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