Saturday, January 28, 2006


"So what can be done, apart from denying Congress the money in the first place by keeping taxes low? Representative Jeff Flake of Arizona and Senators Tom Coburn and John McCain have one good idea, which is to bring more transparency to earmarking. They would require that every earmark be specifically included in the text of the legislation Congress is voting on. We'd also like to see a requirement that every earmark list its main Congressional sponsor and its purpose (other than to re-elect the Member)."
Are you kidding, right now earmarks aren't even required to be written into the text of the bill being voted on? So, as it stands now, a member of Congress can pick out a project and or a recipient to get our tax dollars, and he or she isn't identified and doesn't even have to have the earmark written down to have it voted on.

Why isn't this the big Washington political scandal?

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